Centre de soutien à l'autisme

ASC services are for families with children or young adults who have a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Cliniques externes de santé comportementale

Adopter une approche centrée sur la personne pour offrir aux gens ce dont ils ont besoin, quand ils en ont besoin.

Centre communautaire des lésions cérébrales

Brain Injury Community Center is a psychosocial and vocational program focused on rehabilitation services.

Services de coordination des soins

Care Coordination Services connect people to needed medical, mental health, and social services.

Centre communautaire de santé comportementale (CBHC)

Évaluation et évaluation de la santé mentale et de la toxicomanie 24 heures sur 24, 7 jours sur 7, pour les personnes en crise ou ayant besoin de soutien.

Habilitation de jour et services de jour

Giving individuals an opportunity to develop skills to achieve goals and to attain a high level of independence.

Services d'inclusion numérique

Ces services visent à améliorer l'inclusion numérique des personnes handicapées.

Services d'emploi

Helping people choose, obtain, and keep the employment they want.

Services à la famille + aidants

These services assist individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities living with their families through flexible options that are directed by the family.

Centre de soutien familial

The FSC empowers and educates families who are supporting a loved one with an intellectual or developmental disability.

Gateway Arts

At Gateway, individuals can pursue their dreams of becoming an artist and develop a career in the arts.

Thérapie ambulatoire et gestion des médicaments

Our dedicated staff and clinicians work with people using evidence-based practices, on a broad range of issues.

Services de proximité

Services axés sur la clinique qui aident les personnes vivant avec des problèmes de santé mentale et de toxicomanie à long terme à se rétablir.

Services de soutien par les pairs

Peer support services give people with mental health conditions the opportunity to receive guidance and support

Centre d'apprentissage de récupération

Peer services for people living with mental health conditions and/or substance use challenges.

Services résidentiels

Vinfen's residential services give people a place to call home as they build skills needed to gain greater independence.

Centres d'accès pour jeunes adultes

The centers offer low-barrier services & support to young adults (16-26 y/o), for housing, education, events, and more.

Services aux jeunes et aux jeunes adultes

Services that give young people the support they need to plan for their future and achieve their goals.