Here at Vinfen, we provide a comprehensive set of services for individuals living with acquired brain injuriesWe partner with individuals, their families, their providers, and their communities to help the individual receive the services that will help them to accomplish their goals and achieve a high level of independence. Learn more about our person-centered services below. 

Our residential, transitional assistance, individual support, transportation, and personal care attendant supports utilize the latest developments in clinical and rehabilitation intervention including cognitive, behavioral, and computer-assisted technologies delivered by caring and highly-trained staff. Support professionals, trained administrators, clinicians, and nurses work with individuals and their families to coordinate services that are tailored to an individual’s choices, needs, and abilities.

Vinfen’s Brain Injury Community Center is a psychosocial and vocational program focused on rehabilitation services for adults with brain injuries. Supports provided by the Community Center are voluntary and member driven. Our goal is to assist members to increase community integration and build interpersonal relationships and meaningful work.

Our interdisciplinary care coordination teams support people with unstable housing or food insecurity, arranging for services in the home (e.g., nursing or homemaking), connecting individuals with addiction services, identifying medical or behavioral health providers, scheduling health appointments and setting up transportation to those appointments, and health and wellness coaching.

Vinfen’s  Gateway Arts is a nationally and internationally known studio art center which provides programming geared toward professional development for more than 100 adults with intellectual or developmental disabilitiespeople with spectrum disorders, brain injuriesand those who are deaf-blind.

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