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At Vinfen, there are many opportunities for professional growth and development. We offer staff the chance to acquire knowledge and skills to become experts in their roles and to advance their careers.

Vinfen has lead the industry by continuously providing employees with opportunities and resources. Employees not only increase their knowledge and skills, but also gain confidence and take on new challenges in the work place. Each fresh perspective is valued and developed through employee training, staff certifications, and educational assistance. By utilizing these programs, Vinfen supports individual growth and development among our staff which is reflected in the services that we provide.

How will you grow at Vinfen?


When new employees take a position with Vinfen, they receive a comprehensive orientation. The orientation includes courses to help them succeed on the job. The courses give staff the knowledge and skills that they will need, to provide excellent services and support to people with psychiatric conditions, intellectual and developmental disabilities, brain injuries, and behavioral health challenges. We also offer manager training to help both new and experienced managers succeed in their roles as supervisors of Vinfen staff.


Vinfen offers trainings and certifications at our training center. Doing so makes it easy for our staff to stay up-to-date on the best practices in health and human services. We provide courses in Safe Driving, Medication administration, First aid, CPR, and Safety Care as well as specialized courses at the divisional level.


Vinfen offers the following tuition benefits:

Professional Development Fund

Employees may receive up to $800 per course, with a maximum reimbursement for 2 courses per semester.

Vinfen Board of Directors Scholarship

One employee is recognized for outstanding achievement. The award is a minimum of $4,500 and may be used for educational costs related to professional advancement.

Vinfen Developmental Services Division Support Certification Program

This Certificate program is conducted at most community colleges in MA. Up to 21 undergraduate credits may be earned.

Massachusetts Tuition Remission Program

Employees may receive state supported undergraduate tuition for courses taken at Massachusetts community colleges, state colleges and universities.

If you are looking for a meaningful career and are ready to learn, grow, and care, visit our job openings page to search and apply for available opportunities in Massachusetts and Connecticut.


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At Vinfen, there are many opportunities for professional development. We offer staff the chance to acquire knowledge and skills to become experts in their roles and to advance their careers. We recently built a new state-of-the-art training facility where we offer nearly 100 courses each month to new and existing Vinfen employees.


All of our courses are based on current research, developed by leaders in the field, and reflect the mission of Vinfen. At Vinfen, we understand that our courses need to be the best they can be, so that our services can be the best they can be. Our trainings give people the skills that they need, to do the work that they are passionate about.