Autism Support Center

The Autism Support Center at Vinfen is designed to provide an array of information and referral services, resources, and supports to children and young adults up to age 22 with autism and their families. Services and supports include information and referrals, trainings, access to the latest information on autism, consultative clinics, support groups, parent and peer networking and mentoring, social and recreational events, and other activities.

These services are intended for families with children or young adults who have a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) including those who have an intellectual and developmental disability and those who do not. Center services may be particularly helpful to families whose child has just received a diagnosis of ASD and can be a one-stop resource for information, resources, and expertise. Some families may maintain regular involvement with the Autism Support Center, while others may use these resources on an intermittent basis, particularly at different transition points.

The Vinfen Autism Support Center also offers Autism Support Broker services for children up to the age of 9 who are enrolled in the Department of Developmental Services’ Autism Waiver Program (AWP) for Children. The goal of AWP is to help young children with autism using an intensive set of in-home supports and services to address the core deficits of ASD including social emotional reciprocity, communication, and restrictive interests. This program can provide behavioral, social, and communication-based interventions as well as related support services such as community integration and respite services. The Autism Waiver Program is a self-directed service program, which means that families play a significant role in hiring staff and identifying the services they wish to have in place for their child to receive.

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Vinfen Autism Support Center
1208A VFW Parkway, Suite 202
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For more information on Vinfen’s Autism Support Center, please contact [email protected].

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