Vinfen provides a variety of person-centered services to transform the lives of individuals with acquired brain injuries.

Vinfen promotes equality, empowerment, and independence of individuals living with brain injury. We partner with individuals, their families, their providers, and their communities to help the individual receive the services that will help them to accomplish their goals and achieve a high level of independence.

Our approach is person-centered, which enables individuals to forge a path to a high quality of life with support from Vinfen. Support professionals, trained administrators, clinicians, and nurses work with individuals and their families to coordinate services that are tailored to an individual’s choices, needs, and abilities.

Integrated within our services are the latest developments in clinical and rehabilitation intervention including cognitive, behavioral, and computer-assisted technologies delivered by caring and highly trained staff. Learn more about the services we provide below.

Our 24-hour residential support services provide individuals with brain injury a safe, comfortable home that is closely connected to family members, friends, and their community. Individuals are assisted by a team of support professionals, who coordinate medical care, provide transportation to medical appointments, and assist with activities of daily living including meal planning and preparation and managing personal finances. We work with individuals to foster social connections, friendships, and community membership while respecting and celebrating the individual’s personal choices, culture, talents, and contributions.

We provide Transitional Assistance for individuals with brain injury who are awaiting a move from nursing facilities or rehabilitative hospital settings to a community-based residence. Whether moving into their own apartment or into a more supportive setting, Transitional Assistance will provide one-time expenses to set up their household. Individuals are assigned a Transitional Assistance support professional who helps make necessary purchases, coordinates moving efforts, and ensures necessities related to a move into the community have been addressed. Meetings with the Transitional Assistance support professional are flexible according to the schedule and needs of the individual being served. Transitional Assistance services are limited to a specific period of time as the individual transitions into the community.

Vinfen offers non-medical care, supervision, and socialization, provided to a person with a brain injury. Companions may assist or supervise the individual with tasks such as meal preparation, laundry, light housekeeping, and shopping. This service is provided in accordance with a therapeutic goal in the service plan.

We provide services and supports for a variety of activities that may be provided regularly or intermittently and are determined necessary. These services include locating appropriate housing, managing personal finances, health, shopping, and use of community resources, community safety, and other social and adaptive skills to live in the community. ISCH provides supports necessary for the individual to establish, live in, and maintain a household of their choosing in the community with the goal to become more independent, integrated, and productive in their communities. These services must be provided in-person.

We manage Personal Care Attendants (PCA) for individuals with brain injury living in their own homes. Vinfen assists the person served to coordinate daily operations of PCA services such as recruiting and hiring the PCA, keeping individual information up-to-date with the PCA agency, managing PCA hours, and changing PCA’s when necessary.

Vinfen provides transportation for individuals with brain injury who live in the community and require assistance traveling in the community. Transportation services are offered to enable individuals the opportunity to get to services, activities, and other resources when other transportation is not available.

Vinfen’s Brain Injury Community Center is a psychosocial and vocational program for adults with brain injuries.


At Vinfen, our Brain Injury Services are available to people who are eligible to receive support through several different partners and funders including the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services (DDS), the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC), and various cities and towns. Additionally, all services are eligible for private pay.

Vinfen supports individuals on one of three waivers: An Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) waiver, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) waiver, or Moving Forward Plan (MFP) waiver. To be eligible for a waiver, a person must meet certain eligibility criteria. To see if you are eligible, please click here.

Once determined eligible, MRC and DDS will coordinate referrals to Vinfen and other appropriate service providers. For more information about waiver eligibility, you can visit their website or call the DDS Central Office at 617-727-5608.




For additional information about eligibility and services, contact Vinfen’s Vice President of Specialized Services Sandy Schultz at 617-516-5756 or [email protected].