Congratulations to the 14 Vinfen staff merit awardees that were announced during this year’s 15th Annual Celebration of Family Partnerships event. Each of these staff members were selected by families to receive this special recognition because of their unwavering commitment to the people Vinfen serves.

Day Program Activity Assistant
South Shore Day Habilitation

Nominated by Lisa Riley Kovace

Darlene does an amazing job advocating for my brother Newell when needed. She keeps him comfortable and helps him achieve his goals and experience success. I could not be more grateful for her kindness.

Residential Director
Lowell Adult Community Clinical Services Team 4

Nominated by Clare Cooper

Adwoa has always been compassionate with our son and helpful to us, his parents. She manages a variety of diagnosis, personalities, and emotions with complete professionalism and calm. Not many people could do the job she does. I admire her greatly.

Licensed Practical Nurse
Indian Ridge Road

Nominated by Arthur Skura

I am happy to nominate Hussein, who is an LPN at the group home where my sister lives. I would rank Hussein as one of the finest employees of Vinfen that I’ve ever met. The group home is fortunate to have him on board and at this time, when good employees are in short supply, it is important that he receives the recognition that he deserves. Hussein is a perfect role model for the other employees at the group home, and it has been a great pleasure for me to know him.

Program Director
Community Support Services Day Habilitation

Nominated by Sean McKenna

I am the medical guardian for DB who attends the Vinfen day program where Arthur works. Let me put it in the most concise and empathetic way. Arthur will never be paid, recognized, or rewarded enough for his kindness, extra effort, incredible skill, and the fact that he’s always willing to assist those he has chosen in life to guide, teach and prosper.

Program Director
Kenoza Ave

Nominated by William Richards

John has been a wonderful family partner during our son’s stay at Kenoza. He went the extra mile to help Scott and his family work through the system. He helped our son improve, and transition to an independent living situation. John is a compassionate, patient, and gentle man. It has been our pleasure to know him.

Site Manager
Rockland Day Habilitation

Nominated by Marbre Dubord

William is a loving, caring and kind person to my son. He knows how to respond to Robert’s needs, and how to carry through in all areas. Robert responds very well to him. He has established a meaningful family relationship, communication, and caring support.

Residential Counselor
Pinehurst Street

I would like to nominate Obinna Egeonu for his continuous support and respectful behavior toward the young adults he serves. He has been calm, patient, and wonderful with each person. I would like to thank him and recognize his great work.

Program Director
Pinehurst Street

I would like to nominate Jeremiah Kargbo for his outstanding and continuous dedication during the pandemic. He had to deal with the stress of keeping the house fully staffed and maintaining the safety of the individuals. He did an excellent job and I want to recognize him in a special way.

Residential Counselor
Totten Pond Road

Nominated by Kathleen Gaskin

Felix is kind and caring to all of the people he cares for. My son DB loves him. The entire staff are wonderful. I nominate Felix for being a wonderful human being and doing such great work with our son.

Director of Service
Lowell Area

Nominated by Eve Buzawa

We never had a social worker who put so much effort into our daughter’s care. Rebecca demonstrates exceptional skill, knowledge, sensitivity and compassion in her interactions with our daughter, her family, and other clients. She has gone far and beyond what is expected. Her work with the staff at the residence and Vinfen have helped Laura enormously and she likely would still be in a hospital without her care.

Program Director
Emery Ave

Nominated by Nancy Jacobson

Sonnett is always willing to talk to the family and makes sure Mark is well taken care of. He is very helpful, interested in helping Mark out, and open to suggestions. Mark’s care has improved immensely under his care. He is always available to help.

Nominated by Harold Lipinsjy
Sonnett provides excellent care for my brother Mark. He is always on top of every situation, and informs me when there are issues, We’ve partnered many times to address Mark’s needs. He is a great leader, compassionate, and empathetic. I trust Sonnett to take care of my brother and I feel very involved. I couldn’t ask for a better provider or partner!

Residential Counselor
Pinehurst Street

Nominated by Elaine Daley

I wish to nominate Stephen for staff recognition. He has shown compassion for the individuals he serves. During the pandemic he was transferred to other homes to assist in caring for individuals who were sick with COVID. He has done an exceptional job and I appreciate it.

Program Director
Washington Drive

Nominated by Wayne & Priscilla Mineau

Terry has gone above and beyond the call of duty. She takes him to his doctor and dentist office visits, and a recent colonoscopy exam. She keeps us up to date on everything he does including attending his day program daily, and enjoying his activities at the group home. Terry is a hero for the clients that come under her guidance.

Program Director
Adult Day Habilitation Center

Nominated by Tom Kelley

Jonny is, and always has been, a key person in my son Tom’s life. He visits him at cookouts at Tom’s group home (run by a different agency), takes him bowling, and maintained contact with him throughout COVID. He is the personification of all that Vinfen stands for.