Vinfen is pleased to announce that we have made The Boston Globe’s 2021 Top Places to Work list in Massachusetts.

Thanks to our incredible staff, Vinfen continues to be a leading health and human services organization and the provider, employer, and partner of choice across eastern New England. Our staff recognize that Vinfen takes care of them so they can care for others. They value the plethora of professional development opportunities, trainings, and CE offerings. And most importantly, our staff love the mission-driven work, flexible schedules, and such authentic and supportive team members across the organization. It is all about transforming lives, together.

Many Vinfen staff who voted shared with us why they selected their place of work as one of the best. One staff member stated, “I would recommend working at Vinfen because the environment is all about growth. It’s not like other jobs where anyone can do what you can do – you are needed.” Another staff person shared, “I enjoy the people and diversity throughout the organization. I feel I am appreciated and have the space to take initiative to get things accomplished. I am trusted.”

Vice President of Human Resources Kathy Krysiak said, “Vinfen takes care of its dedicated employees so they can do the crucial work of providing services to the people we serve. Because we are one of the largest nonprofits in Massachusetts, this allows us to bring some wonderful benefits and opportunities for growth to our staff. The people who work at Vinfen are some of the most passionate and supportive people – all with a shared purpose of making a difference. We are thrilled to have made the list and remain committed to making Vinfen a top employer rooted in our values of empowerment, innovation, advocacy, collaboration, and compassion.”

Join us and build your career doing something you love. By becoming a member of the Vinfen community, you are joining a team of dedicated and collaborative professionals that will value you and the work that you do. Be part of our strategic growth today. Apply now:

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