Vinfenā€™s Brain Injury Community Center is a psychosocial and vocationalĀ program focused onĀ rehabilitation servicesĀ for adultsĀ withĀ brain injuries.Ā 

Supports provided by the Community Center are voluntary and member driven. Our goal is to assist members to increase community integration and build interpersonal relationships and meaningful work.Ā Ā 

At the Community Center,Ā members participate in all essential program functions and operations and areĀ empowered to fully achieve their maximum level of independence.Ā Individuals attending the program must have a referral from theĀ Massachusetts Rehabilitation CommissionĀ (MRC)Ā or be eligible for the ABIĀ or MFP Waiver Programs.Ā 

If you have any questions about the Brain Injury Community Center, please contact us atĀ bicc@vinfen.orgĀ or 617-616-2422.