Here at Vinfen, we provide services designed for you and your family. Our comprehensive array of services support the needs of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities as well as autism, physical disabilities, and visual and/or hearing impairments. Learn more about these services and how to enter these programs below.

Specialized supports. Genuine opportunities.

Vinfen is dedicated to creating innovative and genuine opportunities for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We achieve this by partnering with individuals, their families, their providers, their employers, and their communities. Vinfen’s person-centered approach is tailored to individual and family needs and circumstances. Services promote the opportunity for each person to receive specialized supports, which enable them to thrive, achieve their goals, and attain the highest level of independence.

Currently, we support more than 1,000 individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in over 100 service settings located throughout eastern Massachusetts.

Vinfen’s primary form of teaching intervention for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities has been Positive Behavior Support, which we implemented in 2006 as one of the first organizations in Massachusetts to do so.

Vinfen also provides Long Term Services and Supports Community Partner Services to MassHealth enrollees with intellectual and developmental disabilities, behavioral health challenges, and brain injuries as a member of  LTSS Care Partners.


Family Support Services provide assistance to support individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities living at home with their families. We provide flexible options so that families can direct the care that best fits their family needs. The Vinfen Family Support Center provides training, networking, community linkages, and other services. The Autism Support Center provides services to children and young adults with Autism and their families. Learn more about Vinfen’s family and caregiver services here.

Residential services provide individuals with a safe, comfortable, and supported place to call home. We offer a range of residential services, with varying levels of support focused on the needs and preferences of individuals. Such residential services include 24-hour Residential Support Services, Individual Support Networks, Shared Living, and Specialized Residential Services. Click here for more information on Vinfen’s residential services.

Day habilitation and day services staff work in partnership with individuals, their families, caregivers, residential service providers, and state agencies to determine the individual’s needs and goals. Together, we create a plan for success. Three levels of day services are available to meet each person’s specific needs, preferences, and objectives. Day services include Day Habilitations, Community-Based day services, employment and training services, art-based services, Pre-Employment Transition Services, and individual options are also available. Learn more about day habilitation and day services here.

Vinfen provides short-term residential and day supports to individuals who may be in crisis. The program provides clinical stabilization and works to re-integrate the individual back into a more permanent living situation.

Employment services give individuals the support they need to enhance their work-related skills through community-based vocational training and employment opportunities. Click here for more information.

The Family Advisory Council gives family members a voice in the development of Vinfen plans, programs, and policies. Members provide guidance on a wide range of initiatives and projects. Learn more here.


At Vinfen, our intellectual and Developmental Disability Services are available to people who are eligible to receive support through several different partners and funders including the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services (DDS), MassHealth, Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC), Massachusetts Commission for the Blind (MCB), Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, and various cities and towns. In addition, all services are eligible for private pay and other funding sources.

To be approved for state-funded services please contact your state agency. Once determined eligible, we will coordinate referrals to Vinfen and other appropriate service providers. For more information about Vinfen services, please call (617) 441-1800.