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Young Adult Services give young people with psychiatric conditions the support they need to plan for their future and achieve their goals as productive and happy adults.

The transition of becoming an adult while living with a psychiatric condition has unique and specific challenges, as psychiatric conditions often emerge during the life phase that bridges adolescence and adulthood. This is why our TAY Services follow an innovative strength-based model designed to support youth who are struggling with the ability to regulate their emotions, have challenges with substance misuse, are homeless or at-risk of homelessness, or are experiencing their first episode with a psychiatric condition.

Youth Services are available to young adults, age 14-25, who are eligible to receive support from the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health. For more information, visit the How to Access Our Services page.


Friends of Metro Boston provides opportunities for young adults with psychiatric conditions to participate in activities in the community with young adults who do not have psychiatric conditions. We work with community members and organizations to bring young adults together to form friendships in their own community so people feel included and integrated. These shared memories and friendships help to build community and dispel prejudice and discrimination often faced by those with psychiatric conditions. If you would like to learn more or join one of our programs, click here or contact Cameron Zirpolo at 617-626-8978 or


Vinfen’s Enhanced Young Adult Program (EYAP), which provides access centers in Lawrence (YouForward), Lowell (YouthQuake), and in Everett as well as the more structured fidelity informed practice of Transition to Independence program (TIP), helps young adults embark on a positive life path into adulthood and toward the goals of personal stability, secure housing, competitive employment, and positive family and social relationships.

Learn more about the young adult access centers here.


Services are available to young people and their families through Vinfen’s Transition to Independence Programs (TIP) in the greater Northeast area of Massachusetts – with offices in Lawrence and Peabody. TIP facilitators work with whomever each youth chooses to be a part of their support team.


We collaborate with Massachusetts Mental Health Center to serve clients at THE SPOT in Boston, a multi-service center for young adults with psychiatric conditions.