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Vinfen offers a wide range of person-centered, innovative services designed to help people with psychiatric conditions regain their health and live and work successfully in the community. We build on each person’s strengths to improve his or her abilities to succeed and recover.

We know that with the right support, people with psychiatric conditions can and do attain emotional and physical wellness, achieve meaningful life goals, and are productive and valued members of their community.

Our focus on rehabilitation helps people develop skills and acquire the resources they need. We partner with each person to identify and set goals that are important to him or her, while providing encouragement and instilling hope. Vinfen adopted and received national recognition for a psychiatric rehabilitation and recovery model in the early 1990’s, ahead of most of the field. In the past decade, Vinfen has collaborated with colleagues leading the national agenda to find innovative solutions to help individuals with serious mental illness and major health problems.

We help people get back their lives by helping them make friends, strengthen family connections, find jobs, or pursue education, while learning to manage their conditions. We also partner with families to give them the resources they need to advocate and support their family member effectively throughout their recovery.

Our highly-trained and dedicated staff work together with more than 3,500 people with psychiatric conditions in 100 service settings located throughout Massachusetts. We provide specialized services to adolescents and young adults, and people struggling with substance misuse and/or homelessness.

Many of Vinfen’s services are only available to individuals who are eligible to receive support. Visit our page on How to Access Our Services for more information. Vinfen’s services can be accessed individually, but are often combined to provide a comprehensive package of services. Our two most common models of integrated services are Community Based Flexible Supports (CBFS) and Program for Assertive Community Treatment.

Beginning July 1, 2018, Vinfen will transition CBFS to a new integrated service model called Adult Community Clinical Services (ACCS). Vinfen will also offer Behavioral Health Community Partner Services to MassHealth enrollees with complex psychiatric conditions, behavioral health challenges, and substance use disorders as a member of Community Care Partners.



Vinfen offers a wide range of short- and long-term residential support to people with psychiatric conditions. We work with people to attain housing in most of our services.


Vinfen’s Clubhouses empower people by providing them with a community that is focused on respect and encourages individual choice and contribution. Clubs offer supports and services by combining employment, housing, and education services with social activities, life skills, wellness initiatives, arts-based rehabilitation, and advocacy.


Employment Services help people with psychiatric conditions set employment goals, prepare to begin working, and obtain jobs. We work with people to obtain employment through many of our services.


Peer Support services offer the chance for clients to get support and guidance from people with lived experience who are in recovery. Peer Support services are offered in many of our programs.


Vinfen offers a variety of community-based, out-patient prevention, intervention, and treatment services to people with psychiatric conditions or substance abuse challenges.


Vinfen’s Young Adult services give adolescents and young adults with psychiatric conditions the support they need to plan for their future and achieve their goals.


Our Homeless Outreach Team in Hyannis and Safe Haven in Boston help people who are homelessness connect with permanent housing and community resources and supports.



Our Mental Health Services are funded through a variety of sources.