Technology access and digital skills are no longer a luxury; they are a necessity to access essential services, maintain social connection, engage in lifelong learning, obtain health and behavioral health services, manage finances, and participate in our democracy.  

Despite the importance of technology access and digital skills, many people remain disconnected or lack the skills or financial resources needed to take advantage of all that technology offers. The digital divide is particularly acute for people with disabilities including people with serious mental health conditions.

Vinfen believes that every person should have access to technology and the skills to use it. We need new, intentional strategies and programs to ensure that people who have been left behind can cross the digital divide. Vinfen is working to improve digital inclusion among people with disabilities including people with serious behavioral health conditions. Here are some of the pilot programs we have started that we are hoping to grow and spread across the communities we serve.

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The Digital Divide is the gap between those who have affordable access, skills, and support to effectively engage online and those who do not. As technology constantly evolves, the digital divide prevents equal participation and opportunity in all parts of life, disproportionately affecting people of color, Indigenous peoples, households with low incomes, people with disabilities, people in rural areas, and older adults. (Source: National Digital Inclusion Alliance)