In a time where life feels scary and uncertain, what matters the most is uniting to face a crisis together. Now is the time to support your loved ones, your neighbors, and your community. You have all the capacity in the world to make a difference in the lives of others, even if you are each six feet apart.

Vinfen’s Family Support Center is doing just that. As a team of three, Program Director Sethany Griffin, Outreach Worker Miriam Alcantara, and Outreach Manager Jordan Tavares have been working around the clock to provide all the support they can to the hundreds of families Vinfen provides essential services to.

Support at this time comes in many forms: making phone calls to check in on families, standing in line at Costco Wholesale Corporation to get limited quantities of toilet paper, food items, and household cleaners, or even offering ideas on how to navigate a world that feels so unsettled. The Family Support Center is here for you and your loved ones and that is a promise they are keeping.

As the Program Director for over a decade, Sethany wants people to know that Vinfen is dedicated to you and your family and this commitment of compassion does not stop especially during this crisis. Sethany has found that even a phone call to see how someone is doing has proved helpful. Many people are unable to leave their homes, and the team wants to make sure people have the items they need to remain healthy. “What we found is that either individuals themselves or parents are immunocompromised or elderly parents are now raising adults who are dependent on their care,” Sethany explained. That is why making phone calls to assess individual needs are essential during this time.

With each phone call made to over two hundred families, the Family Support Center makes sure to ask people how they are doing, evaluate what their needs are, and how exactly they can help. “At this point, support has been around food: either people do not have food, or they are going to run out of food and do not have a way to run out to get food,” Sethany added. Lisa, a mother to a son who receives Vinfen services, feels thankful for the extra support and care during this time. “Once again Sethany you have come to my rescue, and I hope you truly know how blessed I am to have met you!” Lisa stated.

Connection is essential during this time. The Family Support Center wants to connect with people and let them know they are not forgotten. Vinfen cares about each and every person we serve and is dedicated to figuring out this crisis together while prioritizing the health and safety of all. “At times like this people just feel like they are all alone. Right now, I think the greatest benefit we can give is that we are letting people know they are not alone,” Sethany described.

Sethany could not be more grateful for her passionate and hardworking team. “I very much could not be doing this without my team,” she explained. Having been with Vinfen for over 30 years, Miriam is a known presence of kindness. She has established a wonderful rapport with people and is able to provide a degree of comfort to people who know she is there to help.

Jordan, a new member to the team since December, has really extended himself in every way possible to ensure people feel cared for. “Jordan has been going almost every day to Costco mostly because a lot of the things people really need are limited to one or two per customer,” Sethany explained. Jordan has immediately stepped in wherever needed and is ready to serve others. “It’s truly a blessing to be able to serve our families in this capacity. Food and supplies are great, but what all families have expressed, including those who don’t necessarily need anything, is their appreciation for us simply calling to make sure they’re alright. Small gestures like that can go a long way in times like this. We’re looking forward to continuing this good work!” Jordan shared.

Vinfen wants you to know that we will get through this and be stronger than ever. We are resilient, we are strong, and we will prevail. We are #VinfenStrong.

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